Node is trying to send orders that don’t belong to it

I have just created a node (ARM) and I met similar problem
Is it normal on the very beginning? it happened in first 4mins
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 11.12.50 AM|690x195
edit: happened after 1 hour as well

Your error is different. Your node is trying to send orders that don’t belong to it. This happens if you have run your node with a different identity before. Or if you are running multiple nodes pointing to the same storage. Never change the identity of a running node. Perhaps this should give you a clue on how this happened. Not entirely sure what to do from this point on though. Your node will try to resend orders every hour and these errors will likely pop up until the bad orders expire.

I see. You’re right. I had a different node (and different cert) before. Deleted because of some different issues. Thanks!

No problem. Just make sure that if you start over you start over completely. Remove the old identity and all data from the old node before starting a new one.