Node Log Analizer, tracing errors

I started to make Log Analizer, today it on windows it similar to Alexey (

But it has UI, and taking less RAM, and can make smaller proccessor utilization.
But i want add some aditional features, like trace some aditional Errors in logs.

Can everyone post their Errors from logs like DB mailforemed, that i can get needed fraze piece to search in log.

first virsion can be found here.

Great Work! Some typos here and there but great overall.

I wonded why my eggres rate is so low?

@godmaryus please give me key where is typos, my naitive is not English.
i have about 85-90% on Egress

No problem! English is also my second language.
Second column successful instead of succsesfull; failed instead of faild;
Also add a space between processorutilization

Thank you made improvements in code.