Node lost all of the traffic, should I be worried?

Hi everyone, my nodes lost all of the traffic for the past few days. Should I be worried? What can I do to resolve this?


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Hi P1R4T3,

I am assuming that you node is not full. Is your node up to date? The current version is v1.37.1 . If your node is more than 2 minor versions behind, you will stop getting ingress. Currently this means that if your node is version v1.35.3 or older you will see ingress traffic stop. You should make sure that automated updates are setup and working properly.

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My node is 1,5 years old and full. I have watchtower for auto upadates

In that case, from the information you have provided, it looks like ingress traffic has decreased due to your node being full. From the logs, it looks like you still have egress (download) traffic.

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what version does the dashboard display?

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It’s latest?

Your node can not establish a connection to the sattelites. Please check your ports and Dyndns.

I get some traffic, some traffic… I used my and not dyndns and ip is not changed, ports open.
Ports changed maybe at some update?

Try to restart:

  • router
  • node

I would like to suggest to check your firewall - looks like something could block the traffic to/from the node.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I was on a work trip and couldn’t get to my pc to try and resolve everything. I am back, and it looks like something is blocking the,
looking at the logs, I found this IP:
I think it’s the saltlake satellite IP? I tried to ping it and received no response.
Also, any online pinging services gives me the same result:

(pinging the domain works just fine)

What is really interesting is that my traffic seems to be getting back up, but online time for this specific satellite is going down:

I will try to investigate more.

Again, thanks for all of the help!