Node migration problem

I got a problem after my node was broken and I restored it on another PC.
Node service works fine, and all data is saved, but no when I start Storj node service HDD drive loads for 100%, as I understand storj tries to check all files.
But there are some files with The file or directory that is corrupted and unreadable.
And when a file like this is found storj node services stopes to work with an error The Storj V3 Storage Node service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 0 milliseconds: Run the configured recovery program.

I’m running Node on Windows 10.
Can maybe someone help with advice? I have HDD with 9TB storj data

Run chkdsk on this drive and let it finish before you start your node.


Better start a new node. You are going to get disqualify from the failed audit

depends on amount of lost data. If more than 5% lost, the node will be disqualified, otherwise it may survive.

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It’s worth to try and save it. There is nothing to lose. If he gets disqualified, then he can start a new node. If it survives he got lucky and kept his earnings.


what If I get disqualified?

Your node will not be able to participate in the network. You will only lose your held back amount and the identity gets banned.
But if that happens you can just create a new identity and a new node and start from scratch again.

So the only downside is, that you will lose your held back amount and have to re-vet the identity. (And get new data)

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if your node is disqualified on all satellites, then you may start over - with a new generated identity (not cloned), signed by a new authorization token and clean storage.
If it’s not disqualified on all satellites, you may continue to run the old node, the remaining satellites will pay for the service while it is not disqualified on them.