Node off for some time? What's happen when go online?

Hello guys,
Here is going really bad for the Corona virus.
Economy stopped, no jobs, no money no party.
We are thinking to power off some servers… Waiting for a new deal :tired_face:

Things I would do:

  1. Power off the server. Don’t lose any data!
    (According to my current knowledge downtime is not used to pause or disqualify a
    node currently)
    Hope for the best when they get online again.

  2. Keep it running. Server and Node should running on its own for a long time with no
    maintenance. (You need a secure Power and Internet connection )
    (A remote acess from your home would be great too)

  3. Transfer your Node to an other Server/Location. ( Really risky for data loss or/and data
    corruption )

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I don’t know about really risky for transferring the node to a different system. It can easily be done without issues if you pay attention to what you are doing.

Down time is a risk if you don’t know how long it will take. Work has been ongoing on the new downtime measurement system and if it’s reintroduced in the mean time your node would be disqualified.

I would go with the mentioned options in this order 3, 2, 1. Remote management can’t fix everything, sometimes you just need to be there. So if you have hardware at home that can run the node. Move it there. Otherwise, try remote management. If that’s not an option, shutting down and taking the gamble is your only option.

Why data loss using rsync?
I can transfer 4 machines under one ip without disqualify the single node?

Hi @openapace let me flag this to engineering and see what I can find out for you :female_detective:

If you follow the sequence described below, your data is safe:

  1. run rsync, while your node is running
  2. do rsync a few more times until the difference would be negligible, then stop the node
  3. do rsync --delete and then you can run a new node.

You should specify the source, destination and few more options in the rsync command regarding its manual.

You can lose data, if you skip or alter one of the steps above. For example - run the copy during the transfer or run both at the end.