Node offline ? 1.4.2 version

I’m node operator since 6-7 month for now (thanks to storj team for this project).
However, i have a little problem : my node don’t want to connect to the network (it’s offline).
I check and i have the last version…

i didn’t receive any mail from storj about discalification…
Someone can help me ?

Are you using a DDNS entry with No-IP running? I found that if I put No-IP on my laptop rather than my storagenode, I would VPN to work on my laptop and the DDNS entry would change to my work public IP.

Follow this checklist

i check all of it, and replace the identity files : same problem…

What do you mean by that?

i had a backup files (revocation, etc…). So i just remove replace them by the old (when it was working), with making sure the nodes was offline
Is the 1.4.2 solution is too new for work ?

Something really wrong with your setup.
Please, show your docker run command (you can remove all personal information from it)

You do not need to replace identity files to the old ones. This is especially wrong, if they are from the other NodeID

I can’t download the docker because i’m running windows 7…

Why you replaced the identity?

Is the NodeID the same, as before?

Yes sure ! Still the same
Because i thought the identity was corrupted…

Ok, let’s check all points together:

  1. WAN IP on the main page of the router. Please, compare it with IP there: , they should match
  2. Local IP in the port forwarding rule, it should be the same as IP of your PC with storagenode
  3. nslookup your.ddns.address should return the same IP as p.1
  4. Firewall. It should have an incoming rule to allow any traffic from the any source to the TCP 28967 port and your PC as a destination. If you have any outgoing rule, then you should create an outgoing rule to allow any traffic from your PC as a source and any host with any port as a destination.
  5. Identity:

1 - 2 - 3 -4 Ok
For the 5-, i can’t check the identity : i got error (my powershell don’t want to execute the command…)

It’s old. Very old :slight_smile:

Try this one in cmd.exe:

find /C "BEGIN" "%AppData%\Storj\Identity\storagenode\ca.cert"
find /C "BEGIN" "%AppData%\Storj\Identity\storagenode\identity.cert"

This is working, i got 2 and 3, so my identity is correct…
Maybe i’m disqualified ?

Then you would see such message on the web dashboard.
Is your port open on yougetsignal?

Also, please, show the last 10 lines from your log (Powershell):

Get-Content -Tail 10 "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log"

And status of the storagenode service:

Get-Service storagenode*

Both are running, storagenode and updater
log file is 2,4gb … That’s awsome !
Too much time for open it in notepad, can i delete it ? And give you the 10 line when the logfile will be created ?

You can do it in powershell

Get-content -tail 20 PATH_TO_FILE;

I went with 20, as 10 might not be enough. You can also rename the file and restart the node. It will be recreated and small enough to open. The log could contain useful info, so I don’t recommend removing it and throwing away the kind of info you would need to diagnose the problem.

I got this :

so what should i do ?