Node offline after update

I just had the same issue when updating. All my nodes have been down for about 6 hours after updating.
Not sure what happened, but I had to edit the config.yaml file.
For some reason it reverted back to my old IP address. And NO-IP wasn’t updating even though the program says it was.

One Node of the 4 is running well, still waiting for the other 3 to start

Ok, all my nodes are back online.
I’ll just leave it for the time being, hopefully it’s all sorted out now.
My node suspension and audit says it’s at 100% still. Hopefully it stays that way.

I’ll post a quick YouTube video today on how to edit and troubleshoot if someone else has this issue.

Storj toolbox is really great for telling you what’s wrong.


That sounds more like a DynDNS than a STORJ problem?

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Made a YouTube video. Hopefully points someone in the right direction.

From the video I got an assumption, that even if you have a no-ip domain and their client to update it, you still use an external IP in your nodes? And need to update it every time, when your external IP got changed?
The whole point of having a no-ip domain is to avoid such frictions. Why do not use this domain instead of IP in your config.yaml files?


Oh that’s a really good idea!
Just put my URL instead of the IP?
I’m pretty sure that’s how I did it when I setup.

Well I’ll try that later today.

I wish this was as easy to setup as V2. Maybe V4 will be better

Not URL, but the domain, i.e. without http:// or https://, for example:

# the public address of the node, useful for nodes behind NAT
contact.external-address: my.ddns.tld:28967