Node offline and not connecting

My node has gone offline - I am not even able to get to it from the http://localhost:14002/ access (it seems I can on some attempts - but shows offline).

Any suggestions as to what I should look for to figure out the problem(s)?

Ports are forwarded - all settings seem ok - not sure what else to do. (have 3 nodes - other 2 no problems)

What does the log file say?

I do not know.

Turns out it was one of the updates that kicked it off. Rolled back a few of them and will have to do some investigation as to which one it may have been, although not sure about what settings (related to storj) could have caused it.

You mean non-Storj update?

Yes, sorry that was unclear. It was indeed one of the windows updates, not a storj one.

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Like Stob said, check logs first and post last part of it here.

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