NODE OFFLINE \\\ Do I need to wait a few hours for my Node to be approved on the network?

Everything seems to be set up correctly and according to the available documentation. I’ve done all the tests, etc.

I just set up my first storage node! Shouldn’t it go online automatically?

I was thinking here … Maybe I need to wait more time for the node to be online. Can you help me? What I need to do now?

Identity OK

Router configured with TCP port 28967 OK

Port forwarding OK

Software GUI OK

noIP configured in the DDNS section of router settings OK

Please help me. Thank you so much!

Is your node offline ?

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It should work within seconds with correct configuration.

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Yes, exactly. I want understand if I configured correctly.

Try steps from this post 1 more time.

Seems you skipped the one check - is your WAN IP on your router match IP on yougetsignal?
Is 28967 opened there?
If it’s opened, but node is offline, then there are few reasons:

  • Identity is not signed (check returns 1 and 2 instead of 2 and 3)
  • Your public IP does not match the resolved IP of your DDNS hostname:

Should return the public IP as on yougetsignal