Node offline for 5 days: No uptime penalty?

Hi there :slight_smile:

My node crashed 5 days ago while I was away from home, and because of the current complicated situation with the covid-19 epidemic I could not solve the issue until today.

It’s now back on-line since 6 hours and what surprises me is that the dashboard doesn’t seem to reflect the offline period that much.

The bandwidth chart clearly shows the offline period as no egress/ingress data was transferred.

  • The storage usage chart still has ups and donws during that period: How can it be?
  • The uptime checks counter is suprisingly high considering what my node just experienced…

(the screenshot was taken on the europe-west satellite, but they all look similar to this)

I’m not comlainging ^^
Just wondering what’s going on :slight_smile:

There is a penalty…it affects your node reputation. Fortunately you don’t currently get disqualified for downtime so you don’t have to start again :wink:

Yup, true that! I know they disabled the 5 hours offline limit.

But… it still should be visible on the dashboard stats… ?

It looks like during the downtime the disk space used graph only went down. This can be explained by pieces being deleted. While your node wasn’t online to actually remove them, you won’t be paid for those from the moment the satellite marks them as deleted. They’ll be removed in garbage collection later. That explains why the graph isn’t flat for those days.

@BrightSilence: That would have made sense indeed.

I checked other satellites, and I’m not sure it is so clearly the case:

Is there currently a way to display said node reputation?

Honestly I would say at this point there is not. There used to be an uptime score, but that’s now always 0 and we’re waiting for the implementation of a new uptime check system. That said, uptime checks do still take place and the satellite keeps track of those. There is likely a reputation being kept on that end, but it’s at present not visible to SNOs.

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