Node Offline, Help


I need your help if u can, because i tried a lot
I did everything in the tutorial, but i still have a problem with my node, which shows “Offline Status”

Any Ideas what might be? i checked firewall, port forwarding, noip account …


Windows? Docker? Linux?

What does the log file say?

i have these errors in the logs : ERROR preflight:localtime unable to get satellite system time {“Satellite ID” …
WARN trust Failed to fetch URLs from source; used cache {“source”: " …

FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “system clock is out of sync: system clock is out of sync with all trusted satellites”, …

The node can’t reach the internet. You need to open the firewall for external traffic.

Thanks, i found the solution

If you found the error can you please share the solution I been trying to get my node to work, it shows it’s offline I have checked everything and I still can get it to work. Any info will help.

Welcome to the forum @pvaz0629 !

Can you show last 10 lines of the log ?