Node OFFLINE: I cannot install a new node

My problem :

  1. I had a node online for 5 months that was banned because that node was offline 4 days in a row in the fifth month. As a result of that the satellites put me 0%.

  2. My Node is a Mini pc with the following characteristics:

  • Core i5 8400H
  • RAM 8GB
  • 256 GB SSD( It is for the Operating System: Windows 10 LTSC )
  • HDD 2 TB ( It is for the node )
  1. My node uses PIA VPN to connect to the STORJ network. For me it is mandatory to use a VPN since my ISP does not give me a PUBLIC IP

  2. I have not changed ISP after banning my node. I had the node in my house.

  3. I have formatted my MINI PC with WIPEDRIVE and I have tried to reinstall the node many times and every time I do a clean installation the following message appears:

Every time I do a clean installation of my MINI PC (WIPEDRIVE to the SSD and the HDD) I use the following:
a) Different email
b) The same wallet address (EXODUS WALLET)
c) I try to install the node in the same LAN of my house with the same ISP.

  1. What I don’t know is if STORJ has banned my IP or has banned my hardware.

I hope you can help me. I cannot change ISP because it is the only cheap ISP that offers FTTH in my country.

What info do you have from the logs? If the old identity was on the data drive, make sure to delete it before creating a new one.

Every time I have tried I have done a clean installation of the OS. I have formatted with the 2 disks (the ssd nvme and the hdd).
It is impossible for any file from the old node to remain on the SSD or HDD.

We are not talking about your OS. The storagenode have an identity and data. When you run your storagenode, did you use an old node or create a new one?
If you use the old identity but no data - it will be disqualified. So, if you plan to run a old node, you must have its data.
Otherwise you should start with a new identity (you should generate it and do not use a previous generated identity), signed by a new authorization token and with clean storage.
The email address could be the same.
Storj does not ban any IPs.

Since you use a PIA VPN, you need to use a DDNS with DDNS provider application installed on your PC alongside with the PIA VPN client - it should update your DDNS hostname with the IP provided by the PIA.
The PIA generates a new port on each connection. So, you must change the external port in the ADDRESS option and port mapping of your docker run command. If you use a binary version, then the port should be changed in the config.yaml in the contact.external-address: and server.address: options, for example

-p 34567:28967 \
-e ADDRESS=your.external.ddns:34567 \

for docker version or

server.address: :34567
contact.external-address: your.external.ddns:34567

for the binary version, where 34567 is a port provided by PIA.

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