Node offline, incorrect version

I checked my node and found out is has been offline for a few days.
it says at the notifications that it needs to be updated to v1.1.1.

but when i check the dashboard it says that it is running on that version.
i also updated docker to the latest version.

can anyone help me to figure out what is the problem?

Can you check your settings are still holding after docker update ? Drive(s) should be shared as before. You can try unchecking the drives, save the settings then check the drive and save the settings in docker.

In order to help we need a little more information.

Please restart your node.

And then post the last 20 lines of your log in this topic.

Additionally please check that your port is open here.
Enter the domain or IP you’re using as your nodes external address.

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The notification won’t go away after you have updated. There is another thread about that but I cant share it as some of my messages where deleted.

I checked the port and it said it was closed.
I checked the router and for some reason it was reset, losing all the port forwarding info.
I made a new rule for the port and now it is online again.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: