Node offline, messed up with identity

.I tried but same error.


Please can someone assist? I have to stress it could be offline due to my upstream being 0.8mbps. I’m sure I didn’t put those files in the right folder ca.key… I followed along and now can find original folder. Please can someone tell me exactly where they are suppose to live? The folder in Libraries/library doesn’t exist to start with. I tried making it up folder by folder. Have I also breached my own security by posting this? Going to try with a cellular 4g hotspot for now. people kept on about having 6 files in a specific place. Can I rectify this? Did I breach the security of my wallet by uploading this post? I still can’t get adding three backslips to void the hyperlinks. I dont want to post that only the couple of errors i have in my log. Will come back to edit periodically as i go. None of the errors are in the Error Code post above. Will send $10.00 in ETH as a thanks for resolution.

offline could be in two cases:

  1. wrong network setup (wrong port forwarding rule, wrong external address, WAN IP not match the public IP, wrong or absent a firewall rule, aggressive antivirus)
  2. unsigned identity

So, please, check everything:

4G very rare have a public IP (the WAN IP usually not match the public IP). The port forwarding will not work with it and node will be offline. Perhaps you could enable a public IP address if your cellular operator offers this option.

The identity files could be in any folder. When you run a node you will specify a path to it in the --mount type=bind,source=place/your/path/to/identity/here,destination=/app/identity

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Another option if you aren’t able to open an external port would be to use VPN to do something like what was outlined in this guide:

You can check if your external port is open and accessable outside your network with the following:

i’m not really familiar with the windows install
you can find the windows gui identity related stuff here, everything is explained step by step

your identity files should be in the folder you designate for them, usually i pick a folder on the same hdd that the storagenode data is stored on, so that it will never get mixed or be able to be used without having access to the storagenode data.

but is a good source for help
try to run thought that best you can and if you are in doubt about any of the steps let us know.

0.8mbit or whatever should affect the storagenode from booting up, the bandwidth is only a recommendation, but with 0.8bit upload or even 0.8MB/s upload you might eventually want to get faster internet… but yeah shouldn’t affect your attempts tho keep in mind some ISP have weird setups that can make it difficult to route a storagenode through their WAN

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