Node offline, port wont come open

I never had problems before, the node suddendly appears offline, apparently my port is not open even though i have done everything to open it, new rule , router rule , firewall, etc.

Don’t know what to do ?

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Is it Linux or Windows ? Docker or GUI for Windows ?

It is on windows, and I believe it’s the GUI, as I only have access to the dashboard.

Have you changed a configuration on your router / Windows firewall?
Does this page indicate port 28967 as open?

Usually means an IP has changed. Either the LAN IP of your node or the WAN IP of your router. Check both and adjust the port forward or make sure you run the DUC in case of a DDNS setup. Also make sure the firewall exception is still in place.

No the port is closed, I only added a rule for port 7 to be open, for Wan magic packets, to boot my pc from afar. Didn’t change anything apart for that.

How do I check the ip of the node ? I don’t think the router ip changed. If so how do I change the parameters to adapt. The firewall is setup and I don’t use DDNS setup.

It differs per OS. On windows you can find it in the network settings. You must have looked it up to create the port forward rule in your router. If it has changed, change the port forward rule to point to the right new IP. If your WAN IP in the router has changed you should set up DDNS as that means you have a dynamic IP from your ISP.

Apparently it was just my ip that changed during Wake-On-Wan setup and I didn’t noticed, I changed it back to the default ip and the port opened as it should, thanks for your efforts.

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