Node offline (service ping satellite failed )

Hi fellow node operators.
OS: Win10. Hardware: I5, 12 Gb ram, storj space: 0.5 TB (currently). I have generated my Id, went through the installer. The node as a service is running. Dashboard is available.
However my node is offline.
I have checked all items listed on this page:

In short

  1. I have created the identity (CA, identity files)
  2. Port forward is enabled in both windows Firewall and via my router for the below mentioned port.
  3. Port forwarding is active for the port 28967 (checked via yougetsignal website)
  4. the config.yaml file has the port mentioned ("contact.external-address:
  5. My ISP formallyhas a dynamic IP however they are known to not change the address according to forums.
  6. The firewall has the inbound traffic rule for abovementioned port enabled.

During troubleshooting my issue I came across this post:
“wan-ip-address-different-than-external-address”(the rules do not allow me to use more than 2 urls apparently).

In this post, it is mentioned that the WAP IP needs to be similar to the public Ip.
I have run nslookup which gets me an Ipv6 type of address.

I am assuming my WAP IP (which is a IPv4 type) and the IPv6 are not matching which causes the node to be offline.

Is this reasoning correct, if yes, how do I solve this?
Is a possible solution? If so how do I configure this?

If the issue is related to other things, what could it be?

I have attached the latest log via google drive in the next message

Thanks for your time,

Log: storj log.txt - Google Drive

You can compare the WAN IP on the status page of your router with IP there: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
If they do not match, then you can:

  • call to your ISP and ask to give your a public IP, it could be a dynamic, but must be a public (WAN IP will match the IP on yougetsignal), you can say that you need to have an access to your security IP cam from anywhere to do not explain Storj;
  • switch to ISP who offer a public IP;
  • use VPN services with port forwarding feature such as, ngrok, PIA, AirVPN, PureVPN, etc.

The nslookup will not give you a WAN IP. It can be taken only from the status page of your router.

I’m wondering something @Alexey, you keep suggesting not to mention STORJ to ISPs.
Is it for explanation simplicity, or could it be that some ISP may refuse providing the service for Storj?

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I don’t remember who came up with it, but it was another SNO who mentioned saying you want access to an IP camera just skips over having to explain what Storj is. Which makes sense. First line support is usually not all that technical, but they likely have scripts that mention IP cams.

Most ISPs also don’t allow you to run business services on a consumer line. Now I would argue Storj isn’t a business services, but yeah, it also gets around having to have that conversation to begin with.


As @BrightSilence explained, mentioning the IP camera instead of “please turn off CGNAT” and “I have a server with a configurable port that needs to be available for clients” helped one of the SNOs in Thailand, it was difficult for him to explain to the first line support that exactly he needs. But mentioning IP cam quickly resolved an issue.

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I would be interested to know your reasoning for this.
If I am getting paid for using the bandwidth provided by my ISP it seems fairly clear that it’s being used for a business purpose (although, obviously, I just don’t really care :slight_smile: )

Well, I guess it’s a bit of a grey area. I’m not a lawyer and different legal systems may interpret it differently. But I wouldn’t say it rises to the level of running a business. It’s more like when you airbnb your home while on vacation, except with HDD space. I would argue that running a node is specifically intended that anyone could do it without all the hassle of running a business. But of course this new stuff always runs into laws that weren’t made with it in mind. So it’s easier to just avoid having to explain that to begin with.

Since I have recently set this up I’m going to write a quick how-to. Hopefully tomorrow.

That would be awesome. Thanks for your help! @Beddhist , also thank you @Alexey !

Hi, decided to stop investing time into getting a node running.
From a time/cost perspective, investing in other cryptoassets seems less difficult.
Thanks for helping me out so far anyway.