Node Offline , steps followed

Hi, I just finished setting up everything step by step.
Port forward, DUC, etc.

Node still shows as offline.
Does it take a while for a Node to go online once it’s newly created, or did I do something wrong?

Using Surfshark VPN with a Static IP address.
I tried

Open Port Check Tool - Port Forwarding Port Check Tool:

Problem! I could not see your service on xxx on port ( 28967 ).
Reason: Connection timed out.

Using VerizonFiOS from NYC.

It takes only a few seconds to register as online. Using a VPN? First get it working without a VPN if you need to use it for whatever the reason. Check the bare IP for open port (no DNS). If the port is not open then verify the port forward local IP and port, check firewall on router (if existent) and on the host.
Post the run command to see if all the ports look good.
Do a lookup on your hostname and verify it points to your own address; if you are using a VPN, then VPN WAN IP.

Thank you!

No longer using VPN,
So, I added a Forwarding Rule for my gateway address,
but it won’t let me input the IP address given by NO-IP, nor my bare IPv4 Address.
Port 28967 is closed still on check.

Using Verizon… Custom Ports, Both, Pot Name. Getting Input Error.

Ok so I didn’t set up Dynamic DNS in gateway to be NO-IP. trying that now!

Ack, Port is still closed after check.

The IP address provided by NOIP (not my bare IPV4 address I see in ipconfig), as been added with both TCP and UDP in my Port Forwarding list on Verizon’s gateway as is marked Active.

I added the hostname from NOIP to Verizon’s gateway Dynamic DNS.

This port 28967 is checked as Closed on that IP address even after doing that.

To confirm, I have to get this Port open and checked as open before continuing with Docker and the rest of the steps, correct?

I don’t understand this.

Start without DNS/DDNS. Use just your IP to get it working, then you can replace it with hostname - less variables to start with.

I don’t understand this; NoIP is a DDNS provider, meaning you get a hostname, not an IP address.

No necessarily but let’s say yes, however, if you do not have a node running on that port, nothing will respond on the port and it will appear as though it is closed.

To make sure we’re on the same page here: on your router you need to forward your public IP address (you can check it by searching for “my ip” on Google), on a specified port - 29867 in your case, to a local IP (behind NAT, usually 192.168.x.x). When you’ve done this you need to start the node on that IP with that port, once the node is running the port will show as open if everything is ok.
Following that you add DDNS and anything else, but it has to work without it.

When you’ve done this you need to start the node on that IP with that port

How do I (re)start the node?


  • with NoIP, when I created a hostname with them they asked me for an IP4V Address, I entered my public IP, or should it have been the one behind the NAT?:

  • I added my public IP to a Static NAT in my gateway


  • after all that, I did a Port check and nothing

If you’re using Docker, use docker stop -t 300 <containerName> and docker start <containerName>.

Correct, use the public address, but for most people it changes so you need the update client. But start without the DNS - use your IP address in the node config to get it working first.

I don’t know why it asks you for public address, router should know it. But what is the 4567-4577? You need to port forward public port 28967 to private port 28967 (assuming you’re using those ports in Docker). is the whole network (IPs - - you need to specify the IP of the machine that’s hosting the storage node here.

So assuming Storj machine has address you need to create a rule for [public IP]:28967 → This tells the router to forward packets that arrive from the Internet on port 28967 to a local machine thats on on port 28967, hence the name port forward.

Please post the Docker run command you used and show the picture of the port forwarding rule edit page.