Node offline windows docker

my windows docker node is always offline since I created it. The port 28968 TCP is open and reachable. The dashboard is also working. What can I do about it ? Thanks

Why not 28967? Is this your second node?

Can you show output of docker logs --tail 10 storagenode ?

also post docker run command

If you want to use port 28968 make sure you change to that in config.yaml file. (Default is 28967 as you may know)

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C:\Windows\System32>docker logs --tail 10 storagenodeSEC
2020-01-09T17:31:06.798Z INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
2020-01-09T17:31:06.798Z INFO Private server started on
2020-01-09T17:31:07.032Z INFO contact:chore Storagenode contact chore starting up
2020-01-09T17:31:07.067Z INFO piecestore:monitor Remaining Bandwidth {“bytes”: 132000000000000}
2020-01-09T17:31:07.148Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-09T17:46:07.694Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-09T18:01:07.678Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-09T18:16:07.684Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-09T18:31:06.797Z INFO bandwidth Performing bandwidth usage rollups
2020-01-09T18:31:07.705Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28968:28968 -p -e WALLET=“XXX” -e EMAIL=“XXX” -e ADDRESS=“XXX:28968” -e BANDWIDTH=“132TB” -e STORAGE=“1629GB” --mount type=bind,source=“C:\Users\server\AppData\Roaming\Storj\Identity\storagenodeSEC”,destination=/app/identity --mount type=bind,source=“F:\”,destination=/app/config --name storagenodeSEC storjlabs/storagenode:beta

XXX = filled with correct information

Where can I find config.yaml ?

Solved it. If you are using a custom port other than 28967, you have to change the -p 28967:28967 to -p <port>:28967

I read to fast xD


Nice! Was just going to say that :slight_smile:

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