Node online rate

What is the node online rate to ensure the file reading rate?

Can you elaborate a bit more on that ?

Nodes should be online 24/7 without any bandwidth caps and maintaining minimum upload/download speed.

Sorry, I may not clarify what I mean. What I want to say is that if multiple nodes are offline, how many online connections are required to restore a complete file to complete the restoration, that is, the minimum ratio required The node is online.

Have you read the articles linked in your previous thread ?

Yes, I have read these articles. I understand that a file requires at least 29 pieces to restore. What I want to know is what is the minimum online ratio of nodes to ensure the normal operation of the entire network?

There’s not really an answer to that question. As nodes go offline and availability of a segment drops, repair will kick in and the data will be recreated on nodes still online. As long as they don’t go offline all at once, the network will be perfectly fine.

As you know for every segment 29 out of 80 nodes have to be available. So already a significant number of nodes could be offline without problems.

Perhaps I should ask that the storage of a file requires 80 nodes, so when some of the 80 nodes are offline, how many nodes will trigger the file repair mechanism in the network?

IIRC, it can reduce to 52 or 53 nodes with pieces before repair is triggered.

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Thanks for your answer