Node OP vs Usage of Storj

Does storj still offer people that run its nodes a percentage of that space for usage FREE
So if i run 10TB for example can i use 5tb for free of service w/ storj?

No they do not. There is no such thing. If you create a storj account you get 150gigs free. If you run a node or not its for everyone.

Sure you can do that.

  1. Create a free Storj DCS account → you will get 150 GB of free storage.
  2. In your Storj DCS account, you can generate a fixed Ethereum address.
  3. Start a storagenode and use your fixed Ethereum address as a payout address.
  4. You can use the earnings from your storagenode to pay for storage space you use above 150 GB.

But you won’t get 5TB of free storage for 10TB you offer.


Just to note - the deposit address in your Storj DCS currently accept only L1 transactions, so do not enable zkSync if you decided to use your deposit address as a payout address in the storagenode configuration.

You can request to increase your limits accordingly your balance: it should cover a potential usage for at least for the next 3 months with requested limits.
However, it will be charged only for the actual usage above a free tier, so no upfront charges.

On that note. Is there a way to display the Access GRANT Passphrase and Access grant again after they have been used?

No. If you generated an encryption phrase, the UI suggests to save it to the safe place and even you have only two buttons - either copy to clipboard or save it as a file on your device. After window is closed, it’s gone forever.
The same is true for the access grant.

However, if you have your encryption phrase you always may generate a new access grant using it, and it will allow to encrypt/decrypt your objects the same way as a first one.