Node operator dashboard


This is a suggestion for a node operator dashboard of some sort to make it easier to troubleshoot storage node issues. Digging through logs on storage nodes, particularly ephemeral Docker containers, isn’t always the easiest/best approach (for instance, Docker logs don’t tend to stick around after the container is rebuilt or restarted due to updates to the docker image). This can be addressed by redirections container logs to a separate syslog (or similar) log collector, of course, however, this would not necessarily provide a “storage satellite” point of view of why the node was suspended or disqualified. Ideally it should be possible for node operators to look at satellite logs pertaining to their storage node, as well as (in a perfect world) even get notifications when things go very wrong. I understand notifications can be expensive, but certainly, log hosting/searching is probably less painful?

Just a thought… thanks for reading.