Node operator won't be updated

Good morning, sir,
I come here because my node doesn’t want to update (v1.1.1 to v 1.3.3)
While I’m running
(I’ve tried automatic and manual.)

Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum @DaFray31!

Do you have watchtower setup for automatic updates ?


yes !

Then you don’t need to force an update. Watchtower will automatically update your node. Nodes are updated from 12 to 72 hours randomly. This is done to avoid all nodes going down at same time affecting the network’s stability.

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Okay thanks , yes its logic ^^
Thanks you very much !

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Please note that your watchtower may take longer than 72 hours to update your node, as we are now using a rolling update of our releases. So please wait patiently until your node auto-updates. There is no rush.

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