Node Payout Questions

I have a couple questions:

  1. Can I send payout to more than one address? Basically splitting payout from a node.
  2. Can I send payout directly to my storj account wallet to cover any monthly billing?

I really don’t think it can be done, from the yaml file settings there is only one wallet and furthermore the payments per single node, unless it is a large and old node, are not huge and dividing them would be expensive for the commission costs for make two transactions.

I don’t think so, the wallet to pay the storj fees for data storage is generated or could change every time you want to make a deposit. It is not your personal wallet assigned to your storj account. So the answer is No.

Then if I’m wrong the moderators will surely correct me.

I’m pretty sure the whole point is that this wallet doesn’t change, as it’s intended to be used for perpetual storage purposes as well.

Yep, just checked. It’s fixed as mentioned many times in this blog post. Storj: Fully EVM Compatible Decentralized Storage for Ethereum and L2 Applications

So I see no reason why you couldn’t let payout go directly to your Storj account wallet.


I tended to agree with this, and risked a month of node fees to test it out. So far, unless payments are delayed this month, it hasn’t worked.

I haven’t received my payout yet either and there hasn’t been a post that payouts are complete. They promise to do it in the first 14 days of the month. There is still time.

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Oh right, I forgot about that. Might also be that Feb was the first month I ended up below the threshold.

I guess the followup to this is, can one use their Storj Wallet address to set up zkSync payment? Looks like you’d have to use the alternative method on zkSync, perhaps.

It is not currently possible to receive zksync payouts in a Storj DCS deposit wallet address.

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My current payout is in Ethereum (L2). If I have held payout due to being below threshold, and I switch to zkSync (L2), will the held amount be paid out as L2 the following month if still under the L1 threshold?

The change in the wallet and/or wallet feature would be used in the nearest payout period, if your node would clear a Minimum Payout Threshold (zkSync currently doesn’t have it, plus you would receive a 10% bonus).