Node Payout seems to be flawed

Hi all,
For the current month of August the payout seems rather odd to me.

As you can see just on these two days (2nd and 4th August) I had an Egress Traffic of ~160GB. However when I go to the payout site it tells me as of today (18th August) only 17GB of Egress traffic. This means I’m basically cut off from the main stream of revenue for hosting a storage node.

I suspect that it is related to upgrading to the newest version of 1.84.1-1 on 7th August as it was working before. Before I was running 1.81.3-1. But since there were 2 intermediate versions released already, I of course didn’t just pull the newest image. I upgraded from 1.81.3-1 to 1.82.1-1, let it run for a few minutes until everything seemed working on the Webgui. Then I upgraded from 1.82.1-1 to 1.83.2-1, again did the same verification procedure. Finally I jumped from 1.83.2-1 to 1.84.1-1.

I did not immediately notice that the payout didn’t add up so i can’t tell if it was ok at first and got messed up later on.
Also I don’t think that they payout from before the upgrade just got lost. In the traffic overview I see ~25GB for the last 2.5 days (16th until 18th August around lunchtime) vs ~17GB that it tells me in payout.

I just did the math adding up the numbers in Bandwith Utilization is ~287GB which should be around 1.5$ vs .1 that I received.

Please help me resolve this.

Thanks and greets, Philipp

Hello. that what you see on graph it is all traffic. If you upload data, but didnt do is very fast that client got already its needed 29 pieces from other faster nodes, then it will be shown on graph but, you wont get reward for this. So that’s why there is difference on graph and table.

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Hi Vadim,
First of all thanks for the quick response. I don’t think thats the case for the reason that the payout was much higher before I upgraded. Before I upgraded it showed something around 2$ and then after the upgrade it was just a few Cents. In fact it’s now still less for the whole month than I already earned before the upgrade. Also the relation is quite extreme, it has never been like that in any month before.

Greets, Philipp

It possible that last version not reflected new payout rates? it started from 1. jully. 2023 and Egress not 20$ but 6 now.

Okay, if you insist that getting paid for only 17GB out of 280GB is correct, I’m going to drop out of the network. This isn’t worth my time our ressources at all.

I do not know is it correct, I just tell what I know.

as this node is around some month or rather small disk space?
egress is not the main income source anymore.
its mostly a hobby anyway :melting_face:

this is normal and needs around a year until its more filled with data.
tell about the system specs, maybe we can help with the bottlenecks.

The estimator shows that. Your choice of course.

Hello @philixx,
Welcome to the forum!

If you run the previous version, does it show more used egress in the estimation table?
The USD amount is irrelevant here, because the new rate was applied only recently, the older versions could wrongly calculate the estimated sum because of a wrong price.

The difference in egress is a different story. If the estimation shows less egress, than shown on the graph, that’s could mean that some databases could be corrupted.
Please, check them:

By the way, the latest is 1.85.1
If you click on Egress on the graph, it will show the registered and confirmed egress on the satellite(s), the estimation table will show egress based on the local Stat.

Hi all,
Don’t worry anymore. I already rm -rf’ed my node.


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Have you checked this? If this is the case — your hardware/software configuration is inadequate not for just storj but for anything else. I would pay close attention to this advice.

Nobody said that.

lol. Curing a headache with a guillotine.

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