Node plugin on truenas

When installing a node thru truenas it asks for your eth wallet. Does anyone know if there’s a way to edit the settings after to enable zksync and polygon?

Polygon payouts will soon be deprecated, so it doesn´t make sense to opt in now. For zkSync payouts, please read information here and learn how to opt in here.


I have read the zksync setup. My question was about running under TrueNas and being able to enable zksync somehow.

Well you basicly just need to change the config.yaml. It doesn’t have to do anything with TrueNAS.


Yes. I can’t figure out how to get into shell to do that

But can’t you access your TrueNAS with ssh/scp like WinSCP? Then just open the file with WinSCP, change it and safe it.

You can try to add an additional variable to your storagenode configuration, variable name is RUN_PARAMS, the value is --operator.wallet-features=zksync

Sorry for a question, but on Truenas it is not possible to install node from CLI with normal docker commands?

you can install with normal docker


You can use docker, but the point is - they offer a nice WebUI to do not use terminal, they even have a special storagenode chart to run the node from WebUI.
So the author wants to use a WebUI to provide an additional parameters.

So you recommend using the application. Yes, I have seen the tutorial. But can multiple nodes be installed with the provided application?

You can get into the command Linux command line from the command window of TrueNas. (The host screen, not the web page) From there, I believe you can execute docker commands and navigate around. However, I’m not sure what the folder structure is like there. I’m going to have to tinker with the installation and see if I can find where they are storing the files. It should then be uniform for anyone using Truenas. I’ll respond back when I find something.

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Perhaps, never tried. In general they allow you to specify a different name, all needed parameters, include mounts and change the default external ports. So I assume you can run multiple storage nodes there.

Yes. You can run multiple node with different ports

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