Node reboot reason


I have some randomically node reboot (just the node) there is a log where I can check the reason for this reboot ?


if you are using docker then this will export your log
the last bit is the location i’m saving it to… so on windows /zPool… would be c:\ or such

docker logs storagenode >& /zPool/storj_etc/storj_logs/2020-04-17_storagenode.log

if it is a new node and it reboots fairly rapidly, it’s most likely that the port forwarding from the internet / router to the local server / machine isn’t setup or correct…

I’m running a docker under ubuntu and looking the logs it seems that the logs start from last reboot so I can not see any message of the reason

This is why its better to redirect your log so you can diagnose any issue

Thanks this is good to setup but what I can do for the past ?

the present is more relevant, is it a new problem on an old node or a new node…?

docker logs are persistent until you run the rm storagenode command, like if you manually update … tho i suppose watchtower would do the same. any logs older than that is lost.

you can post the log here to maybe give us a chance to see what is up.
i believe logs should be safe for sharing, tho you might want to remove stuff like wallet address and email, online ip or online dns name. but afaik only none private infomation in logs.
but just like you might not want your phone number on facebook… you might not want to post you ip

if it is a new node double check everything…
launch command ip addresses and ports, local host firewall allowed tcp ports, internet router port forwarding, and possibly your internet dns name or static ip address configuration is correct, with the one used in the launch command.

that is some of the most common things the new storj SNO have issues with.