Node restarting every n hours


So recently I have noticed that my node is restarting every 3 to 4 hours, I have looked through the logs but don’t see anything that might cause it. I have turned on the debug logging and am attaching my log and db here to see if anyone can identify why the node keeps restarting. One of the restarts happened at 2019-07-26T17:26:48.126Z

Log File:

Please, post result of this command:
journalctl -r | grep shim

This is the result

Every line with “reaped” - the time, when the OS killed storagenode for too much used RAM
I can suggest you to limit usage of the RAM in the docker run command, as described in the

Okay I will try that, how much do you recommend, the server has 2GB RAM at the moment.

You can use Monitoring with Netdata to figure out what the good enough limit for your server.
Also, you can reduce the number of parallel request (Should I change max-concurrent-requests? (ERROR piecestore upload rejected, too many requests)) if you have increased it.

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Alright, I will do the memory limiting, I already have the concurrent requests set to 4.

I have a feeling, that the memory usage is somehow related to the speed of the connection.

What is your channel and how the storage location is connected to your server?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean by channel. the server is a vm created by vmware workstation pro 15. I have a usb seagate backup plus 10 TB external hdd connected to the pc and then it is shared to the vm via the vmware shared folders feature. It uses vmware hgfs system for mounting.

By “channel” I mean your internet connection. What the speed for up- and down- streams?

I currently have a 100Mbps up/down uncapped but depending on time of day the net can boost to 500Mbps down only


Okay so I limited the ram to 1g then to 600m and it is still restarting.

It will restart if it would use all allowed RAM. The limit will not prevent from restart, it will prevent from hanging.
How much concurrent connections you have specified in the config.yaml file?

currently I have it set to 4 concurrent connections.

If it doesn’t hanging, then you can remove the RAM limit from the container.