Node running since 2020 with Payout 0 on December, why?


I have one of my node running since 2020 with more that 5.5 TB used space that show 0 balance on December, can you help me to understand why ? I never miss a payment since started, the node ID is 12sZ9xhn7hhtZw9XaNkeAQh3AyyhSXpV2Jzx1zW6K5FinPPXAWQ

may be your bandwidth database corrupted, and you not see this data any more.
it stored localy and cant be downloaded back after submitted to sattelite.
You can search problems in log.

If the problem is this why I see correctly the bandwidth utilization graphs ?

I found the error is

“bandwidthdb: database disk image is malformed”

so I started with fix database procedure but it take a lot of time !

In about 20 hours I complete 15%

At the end of the fixing I will be pay for last month ?

You will be paid regardless. Repairing the database will only fix how stats are displayed to you. It does not affect anything else, including payout. (It would be really bad idea to calculate payment based on the user-side database :). The satellite keeps track of usage, charges, and payments.