Node selection mechanics for multiple nodes sharing one IP?

It is clear at this point that multiple nodes on a single IP will not gain an advantage in being assigned an increase in received storage work, but is the inverse also true? How do the satellites behave when there are N nodes sharing an IP and N-1 nodes are at capacity?

I’d hope that the satellite is smart enough to have knowledge of the remaining capacity of each of the nodes individually and use this info to federate intelligently across the nodes. I’m currently worrying that the satellites will simply pick one out of the set and attempt to use it, notice that it is at capacity, and failover to assigning the work to another operator’s storage node. The latter would have negative consequences for operators using a bunch of smaller nodes versus operators using single, larger node configurations.

I just stood up a new node, got past the initial vetting of 100 audits, and yet the node is experiencing far less PUT activity than all of my other nodes on an individual basis. The uptime audit reputations are all on-par with each other. I’m trying to rationalize this…

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The last time I read satellite’s code, it was that nodes that are full just didn’t participate in the “lottery”, so for the single non-full node among many in a single block C was as competitive as the only node in a block C. I admit it was some time ago, so don’t consider my opinion as reliable.

I think it’s the traffic overall that is smaller than in the past month.

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Even if it may be aged info, this is still helpful. Thanks!

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I am running 6 nodes. The incoming upload is getting split on all 6 nodes. As soon as one node is full I get all uploads splitted on the remaining 5 nodes. The full node will not be selected for uploads and will also not screw up the node selection for the remaining 5 nodes.

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Ok, so maybe it is just coincidental. The following shows what I’m looking at:

The red is my newest node. It is getting constant low levels of ingress (basically a constant since prior to the node being fully vetted) but never has any of the larger volume spikes that the other nodes appear to receive.

The node is still less than one month old though so maybe I’m just being too eager to be pessimistic.

Thanks for the responses, all.

So (if it understands it correctly) the satellite knows how much SN is on one IP address or even in the range / 24 ???

The node selection is a bit more complex but basically yes.