Node shows Last Contact -41m ago

Hello. Before I restarted my node, the Dasboard showed 72h online and last contact before - 41 minutes. After restarting the Docker, the dashboard now shows online - 37 minutes and last contact - 41 minutes and does not change anymore.

I restarted the node and also deleted and recreated the Docker. But nothing has changed.

Hello @LinuxNet,
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Please, sync your clocks on the host with docker.
If it’s a Docker for Windows, then you should clear selection for the time synchronization in the Integration service settings of the DockerDesktopVM, then click Apply, then select it back and click the Apply again. The clock inside the VM should be synced after that.

I can hardly believe it.
I just looked at my smartphone and was surprised that there was a different time.
I then had to look at the analog clock again until I realized that my F ** ing Windows set a different time zone for whatever reason.
So everything was okay with the node and docker.
Thread can be closed xD