Node software versions not updated in forum?

The announcements is not updating the changelogs of the most recent changelogs. The e-mail points to the GitHub changelog but it would be nice to be able to see the current version on the main page of the forum and maybe a link to the version changelog info.

The changelog info in the announcements is outdated.

Changelogs are posted in

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Ok. I was confused I saw the change logs in the announcements, then they stopped. Didn’t look for them in engineering, thought that was for something else.

Yeah I think the old ones need to be moved to engineering too to make sure all is in 1 place.

Moved to the


Not all changelogs have both tags changelog, official-changelog which is why they don’t show up when either of them is selected.

Lets call for help. @jocelyn
I am allowed to add the official-changelog label but I was not allowed to add the changelog label. So the questions is how should I post changelogs in the future? Which labels do I have to add?

I would suggest having 1 tag instead of 2 and since you can add official-changelog I vote for the removal of other.