Node status offline myip

My node has the status as offline. I’ve tested port forward config via remote telnet and wireshark, and the sent message is received by my storjnode computer.
Although, the link Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router and whatsmyip gives me a different ip address than the IP of the router. The router IP is correctly resolved by nslookup with my ddns registered name, the same I configured in config.yaml. And the direct telnet connection to this name is also successful.

What is should I do?

Then you’re likely behind a CGNAT. Does your router WAN IP by any chance start with 100?


yes. It starts with 100.x.x.x

Yeah, those are not publicly addressable. You’re behind a carrier grade NAT. I would advise you to contact your ISP and tell them you need a public IP. If they ask why, you could tell them you want to access an IP camera remotely. It saves you from having to explain Storj to them.
Make it clear that you are not looking to get a static IP, otherwise they will definitely try to upsell you to a business account. Most ISPs help you out with this if you insist a little.
There are other options, like using a VPN, but they tend to cost money and add additional routing hops that impact performance. Try your ISP first.


Maybe can you tell us what country and wich provider you use?

I’m from brazil. But why I can reach my webserver with the ddns but not storj node?

Sorry, actually I cannot reach the webserver