Node status ok, but not receiving any data

I’m using Watchtower to automatically upgrade my node and now on v0.15.3.
“Last Contact” is updating every 2 second or so, and the node has been running for almost 30 hours and disk used (0 B/3TB). It hasn’t been receiving data since the major network wipe.

Old statistics still there:
Bandwidth 19.8 TB 170.2 GB 60.4 GB 109.8 GB (since Jul 1).

There are no tests currently performed, here’s weekend, it is also important to note that real people (testers and developers in the current alpha) are actually performing the tests.

Also, please, give me your NodeID, i will check it status against of snapshot from the one of the satellites.

ID: 1xMkgY9NuDvuANHGZttZ4tHrcyBp2MPEhs8zQcxHCX6UDh5Cto
Do I need to do anything or is it healthy?

It’s paused for too many failed audits.
Please, fire a support ticket with your NodeID and current docker run command to the

Please, show your current docker run command.

Just sent the email sent to support

Is there a public facing tool to check our nodes?

Not yet, the SNOboard in the development. You can see a roadmap here:

All implemented metrics you can see on the local dashboard

docker exec -it storagenode ./

That is not correct. Uploads are still running. My node is happy to get more and more data.

This node is paused, not uploads