NODE stops without any error in log

I have strange problem, windows gui node stopes without any error in log.
when starting work again.
but after some time it just turn off.

Not sure I fully understand what you mean. You can start the node and it seems to work fine but randomly quits? Does the node just go offline or is the whole program shutting down?

whole service is stoping

How often does it happen? Does it shut down right? If it’s only once in a while it could be windows restarting due to their obnoxious updates. If you don’t have the software set to autostart after a reboot that’s one possibility.

Have you made any changes to your node configuration or even the system itself recently?

no, only after it started tried to get some info, changed WARN to info level.

Can you post your log output?

I recently found that disk has some erors, but problem is that there was no error in logs.

I will when it hapens next time, as it runs after problem the whole night, i not remember the exact place

What sort of disk errors? Did the drive fail? Is it a USB drive by any chance?

checksisk made it work, it is internal Enterprice grade disck

If your having errors on the drive I would replace it asap. Even if it continues to work for a bit that’s a good sign it might not last much longer. That could be your issue. If it’s just bad sectors you might have a little more time but if it’s the hardware itself it could just die completely at any time.

looks like i need to check it cooling solution, they have some temperature overheat prevention.
so after hard work it can turn off for some time.

Ok that could have something to do with it. Go to settings > system > storage > manage disks and volumes > select the drive used for node > properties, and under disk health should show the drive temp.

If the disk is going bad though lower your allocated space to just below what you currently have filled in order to stop ingress and minimize disk use as much as possible until you copy it over to a new drive.