Node suspended after more than one month of downtime


Mi router hung one month ago (almost two) and I was locked by covid so until yesterday I couldn’t restart it. Now the node is running ok (I get downloads and uploads) but I have notifications that are saying “Your Node was suspended”. Can I keep the node running or I must start again with a new identity?? The online percentage is going up (1.01%).

Thanks in advance!

your node is suspended for downtime, keep it runing, when your online rating go up then suspension will go away.

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That might be a lost race. The satellite needs around 10 days of total downtime to suspend a storage node. Then it gives the node additional 7 days grace period and the following 30 days are important. The point of no return would be 10 days later. If the node comes back online to late it can’t reach a healthy uptime in time and will get disqualified. You might see a increasing uptime and an houre before you hit the magic line you get disqualified. That is how the system works. An increasing uptime is not a guarantee.

I believe disqualification is still disabled but later on this race against the disqualification timer will get important. I better give you a warning in advance :slight_smile:


Disqualification is disabled on my node or in general?? I don’t have any hope and have a second node vetted and ready, but if I can keep this running…

Disqualification is currently disabled for downtime across the network, not just your node. Although Storj could enable it any time (they usually give lots of notice for things like this), and the scenario littleskunk described could happen.