Node suspended then disqualified without warning


I’ve been a node operator for the last 16 months.
On the 14th month, my firewall configuration was changed but didn’t noticed.
On the 15th month, I didn’t received my payment but I assumed that it was due to minimum threshold.
Yesterday I deactivated my firewall for testing purpose and received instantly 4 mails to tell me that my node was suspended on each satellite.

A little bit after, my node was disqualified.

From what I see, we receive the node suspension email only when the node is back online.
Can I suggest to update the email notifier to not wait the node to be back online for sending suspension email ?

I’m a bit disappointed and sad because I really liked to be a node operator and was planning to start a new node soon. Does this node is ended forever ? Should I delete all the data STORJ related ? The held amount is gone too i suppose (at 1 month close to get it back)

Thank you for your help.


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I agree that the notifications really need work. Most SNOs here use to be notified when the node is offline. This notifies you within minutes of it happening.

Unfortunately after being offline for more than 30 days, your node automatically gets disqualified. This is not reversible. So you would have to start over. Hopefully uptimerobot can save you from something like this next time.

If you’re sure your node is disqualified (and not just suspended) you can remove all data and your identity and start over with a new token, identity and new data. If you are suspended, that is actually reversible. In that case, just keep your node online and when uptime raises above 60% your node will be reinstated.


@SRWieZ If your node got disqualified and considering your situation (e-mail notificiations obviously sent waaay too late), maybe dropping a line to the support team could be an option to explain your case, but I wouldn’t expect much I’m afraid as the node did silently fail to provide the service, as unfair as it might feel :frowning:

This needs to be fixed indeed, that’s why most SNOs use tiers services like UptimeRobot for checking on their nodes, because StorjLabs never implemented a robust notification system, leading many nodes to sudden disqualification without a warning.

Thank you for your replies !

Yeah, I was using a monitoring tool but on the 80 port instead of the Storj network port. My fault.

To be transparent, I made a good amount of income with Storj with only 6 To and I’m grateful for that. I strongly believe in a decentralized storage network so I will continue to be an SNO.

I will start over with 2 (maybe 3) new Storage Node.

I can only hope that there will be better tools / notifications for SNO in the futur.

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