Node suspended with perfect audit score and online score

Node got suspended on saltlake and europe north satelites. Node ID: 121E1qmYZQifeBeP8N1JN8r98GwfxfEvgeN2p2haKGZMc3htPXb.

Looking at dashboard I get:

Anyone know how can I figure out why it is suspended since both audit and uptime are good?

The answer could be in your node’s logs.

See this post to check your logs and get more info on suspension:

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Isn’t it obvious? Your suspension score is below 60%. That is far away from a perfect score. You are failing audits (or repair)

As you can see on the screenshot Audit is 100% so not failing that, so is online score. I guess only thing is left is failing repairs… digging through log to see if I can find something

Node now has suspension score 100%. says not suspended on any satellite… Does that sound right?

This only eliminates 2 out of several possible audit errors. So you should still watch out for any audit error.

Only errors I have in logs are ERROR collector unable to delete piece ... file does not exist. Not sure why my suspension score went below 60% and how in couple hours it jumped back to 100%

Does this mean there was a bug on satellite?

I am not saying you should totally ignore it but currently I don’t care much if I see a node is getting a suspension. It seems mostly when the disk cannot keep up or something.
It recovers quickly if there is no real serious problem (like real loss of data).

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