Node traffic question

I am new to storj and several questions have arisen.
I have put the node together for two weeks and I have obtained the following results.

Reviewing, I see that, for a few days, the node has had almost no traffic. Suddenly, he had a lot of traffic (compared to the other days) and now he is almost without traffic.
I don’t know if it’s an error or just how the node works.
The command lines look like this:

Storj isnt mining so its normal for a node to have less traffic day to day. Most of the traffic before was “testing” traffic. If your node is online and running then there’s no other things to do.
Customers Data is Unpredictable you may have lots of data flow one day and none the next day.

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Your results look like mine - lots of uploads and upload cancelled.
Do you have 30Mb broadband like me?

Thank you very much for the reply. It is what I was thinking but I did not know if it was so.

This is one of my nodes to give you an idea.

I have a symmetric fiber connection of 100MB \ s with no data limit.

It doesn’t give your node more chances to be selected. The only matter is speed between your node and the customer. Since customers across the globe, it’s really difficult to win all races for the pieces.