Node up and syncing but little disk IO

Hi since the last 8 hours or so my node appears to be up, but it has a lot of errors and its doing barely any disk io.

It appears to have started right after a large amount of put_repair ops.

Also, since the last hour the node is literally not logging anything , yet its up. Even the put_repair ops have stopped. Is that related to the satellite update that was announced ?

I think yes, it related, at this moment I also see very low activity in log

Your log looks in order…

Yep, node has survived it. Activity is picking back up! good to see.

Youre node looks fine.
Infrequent errors of failed uploads/puts is fine and part of the design of the network. The slowest fraction during an upload is being cut, to provide the best user experience and is also not needed to ensure data safety on our network.

Besides that please note, that it is not syncing as Storage Nodes are no Masternodes or Blockchain syncing devices. You store data of actual customers and/or developers! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

How to make sure our node work perfectly fine?
After updated to v1.3.3 my disk activity is flat.
I just worry something wrong with my node.

Seems data got deleted from your node.
The space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, we can’t expect the constant usage

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ooohh… okay… I got it. Thanks for the clarification.
so it means my node probably just fine… :innocent:

“Seems data got deleted from your node.”
I found out huge chunk of data in trash folder.
Do I need to delete them?

Please, do not delete anything in the storage location unless you were told to do so by the Storj staff.
The trash folder will be cleaned after 7 days automatically.