Node vetting acceleration

So it seems from forum posts I can see, ~100GB per month is the average ingress fill rate. This is sort of a question and suggestion.

If there was a way to “pay forward” the vetting processing (i.e. you send them money to cover or choose to obligate 100% of profits until vetting), that they increase ingress rate?

I understand that as more and more people onboard offering up nodes you need an equal number of node users (people who upload and get data)…but options like this would allow them to offer greatly increased capacity for expansion.

The question is that, I have a PC that can provide 10TB of storage, and could online another (same IP/24 unfortunately that could do 70+TB…). It’s not worthwhile to wait around for 70TB to fill at the present rate. Should I even look into to building a system capable of 70+TB? is storj losing traction?

I feel the distrubuted model could become much more robust than AWS/azure offerings but there’s not enough push and or interest.

The overall system design is around having vast numbers of small nodes, as this then provides greater I/O capacity for the overall network.

While you may be able to offer up 80+TB of storage space, the network is better served by having that data spread across many nodes with a wide distribution in terms of physical location as well as internet infrastructure.

The following link provides some nice stats regarding the current state of the service

As you can see free space is not currently an issue.

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I’m not sure why you think paying money would prove a node is reliable? The vetting process isn’t just there to slow you down, it’s to limit risk for nodes that haven’t been proven reliable.

And yeah, this is the key thing. There is enough space. And further more, Storj Labs has quite a bit of test data on nodes that can be removed when customers need to to quickly expand. So at the moment the network can’t really use the 80+TB you may be able to offer. I’ve already covered why it wouldn’t make sense to skip vetting, but even after that, the only way to speed up filling your node would be to take ingress away from others. If the economics don’t work for you now, fine, if demand goes up, it’ll become more interesting and more node operators jump on board automatically as a result. It scales naturally with demand. But there are lots of people who just run nodes on spare space on existing machines or low power nodes on RPi’s on drives they already owned. If you expect to make money on large expensive hardware, realize that these node operators with basically no cost and who will take any income they can get from Storj are your competition. As long as there are plenty of those available, your wish of filling up large amounts of space fast is never going to happen.