Node via VPN (PIA)

Hi guys,

Long time lurker, but now in some need for help. I want my node to be protected with a VPN. I read the blog on how to create a node behind a PIA VPN and the message is clear. However, it got me wondering how the node would handle port changes, as the PIA port forwarding is dynamic and not static. So in the tutorial you would enter the port given by PIA in the docker to start the node, but that port would only be opened for a finite time. Ergo, you would have to change the port manually every time the port changes in PIA. How do you guys handle this, or am I just seeing problems that don’t exist?


The link I am referring to:

Theres no way to keep the port or IP the same with PIA, You would need to update it every single time you lost connection to PIA or restarted.

Also the only reason to use PIA is if your internet blocks public ports or you dont have a public IP that is pretty much the only reason to use it.

Or if I just want be my internet use more private from my ISP. But that pretty much makes PIA useless to use with Storj right? Because as soon as the port changes, you node is not accessible anymore and will get disqualified?

Well You wont get DQed you would just need to update it everytime it happens you would need to stop the node remove it if its linux and docker if windows you would need to stop it change the config and restart it. It also will probably cost you alot more to use PIA and storj would be running alot slower because of latency from running a VPN. So you would be making less money every month and have an overhead of paying for a VPN.

Having your internet being private is one thing but running a node on a VPN isnt the way to go.

Consider using a provider that allows you to specify a fixed port. AirVPN is one provider that does this.

also, PureVPN and many others, include your own OpenVPN server on VPS with unlimited bandwidth