Node was suspended from 02.07.2022

I have been waiting for over a month now for my node to be unsuspended. What can I do to unsuspended node ?

My node was suspended after some failed version of the storj system came out. Please help urgently or I will move my drives to another operator because I don’t want to wait anymore …

Node number:

Don’t understand your problem.

Is there any post already related to your issue? Can you link it please?

If not, can you share your node status, eg screenshot from the score section?


Hello @dorek ,
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As soon as your online score become greater than 60% your node is went out of suspension mode. To fully recover your node should be online the next 30 days. Any offline issue will require another 30 days online to recover.

I checked your node, the online score on all satellites is greater than 60%. What’s your concerns?
Do you still have connectivity issues?


Hi Alexey,
I have an online score greater than 92% for all satellites. My concern is that I can see at what rate my disk is filling up and not and I don’t have any $ from it and I feel cheated. When will my node finally not be suspended ?

I don’t have any connection problems now. And up time is also hard to determine because every now and then there are updates v1.62.1 then 1.62.2 and now 1.62.3. I’m waiting for an answer by tomorrow otherwise I’m removing the node from Storj because the problem started because you released an update that killed my node and now I have to be at a loss on this …


Hi Dorek,

Can you tell me how much data you currently have stored? Have you been paid in the past? How long have you been a node operator?

Your node went out of suspension as soon as the online score become greater than 60%

Do you see a suspension message anywhere?

You node has been paid 26 days ago, even if you did not enable zkSync. So, perhaps in the current payout period it would be paid too. Please open your wallet address on Etherscan and switch to Erc20 Token Txns to see payouts.
You may also open the node’s dashboard, switch to Payout Information, scroll to Payout History, expand any satellite and click the Transaction link.

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Hi Knowledge,
Currently I have 2.81TB of data but for 2 months I am not charged any $ for Download and Repair & Audit.

I think I’ve been over a year node operator now

Could you please post a screenshot of Payout Information on your dashboard for the June 2022 and July 2022 (you may select both on the same graph)?

Hi Alexey,
I only now noticed that I get paid for Download and Repair & Audit. But why is there $0 for Download and Repair & Audit in August?

And why do I see neither Egress nor Ingress on the main dashboard ?




That could be a problem on your node with sending bandwidth orders. How many files do you see in the orders/unsent folder?

If you have had problems with databases (I would like to suggest to check them and fix), then the payout estimation couldn’t work properly, the real earnings numbers will be updated from the satellites when the payout will be completed (the first two weeks of the month).

The workaround:

Ahh, you’re right, this is prior to feedback from satellites. I hadn’t noticed this was from August. Still worth checking the orders as well I think, but check the databases first (especially bandwidth.db, but you might as well check all of them).

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Bandwidth graph still not working even after changing mode.

Hi BrightSilence,
Could you please send me the commands with which to check the databases ?

Alexey sent a link here

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Then you definitely should check your databases.