Node will be offline due to change of internet provider


in the next few days my DSL provider here in Germany will change. On the day of the provider change, my Internet line may be down for several hours. Is there anything I can do to reduce the negative effects on my node?


Unless you want to bring it to a friend, there’s nothing you can do.
You’ll recover very quickly from any drop in reputation. And since downtime DQ is still disabled, you’re good to go.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.

And in future a providerchange (with a few hours offline) means the end of the node? In round 6 months I want to change too. We need a plannable maintenance option for the survival of the nodes.

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Yes, and what about a power outage…

Both problems have been discussed several times over the last year.
I think we need to wait until STORJ releases a new and working uptime checking system. You can read the current proposal somewhere but I think it is not worth investing the time at the moment.
The new uptime system doesn’t work either and they will be thinking about something. But as there is currently no need for uptime checks and disqualification, this doesn’t seem to be a high priority. The network is very stable even without it.

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