Node won't go online

Hello, can anybody help me get my storj node online?

I am using Virtualbox with Windows 7 and i configured port forwarding and it will not connect.

Port is open but shows closed sometimes because of router.

my IP is port 7000

That’s the port for your Storj node or some other service?

I am running virtualbox with port 7000 forwarded to Storj.

Storj is giving me a message that says its not connecting.

You should modify the server.address: option in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" (please, use the Notepad++ for that). It should be server.address: :7000.
Change the contact.external-address: option, it should contain your external address with port contact.external-address:
Save the config and restart the storagenode service.

Please, check your identity:

I tried putting this and its still not working. Any other ideas?

I made sure my Identity was fine and i checked and it has 6 files.

Please, compare your WAN IP on the router with IP on
And with IP from this command:


And add an inbound firewall rule for the TCP port 7000 on your Windows VM