Nodes disqualified due to long internet breakdown


I had a major internet breakdown on my home connection that took my ISP one month to fix …
Unfortunately my storj nodes were offline during the whole time.

I restarted then as soon as the connection was repaired and they were disqualified. This is the very first time (and I hope the last time) I had such a long breakdown …

Is there any hope they can be re-qualified ?

Many thanks.
Olivier (France)

There was 4 nodes :


Disqualification is permanent, unfortunately, and you’d have to start a new node. You could run the new node in conjunction with the old node and eventually, when the new node is vetted, run graceful exit on the old one.

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Why would it be useful to run disqualified nodes, I don’t follow you? :thinking:

Afaik you cannot run graceful exit on a disqualified node, so I agree it would not be useful to continue running the node(s) unless they are still not disqualified on some satellites.


You’re right @heunland. I misread and assumed the node was not disqualified from all satellites.