Nodes get suspended as soon as I start Auditor service

When I start the auditor service using below command, the nodes in the test network get suspended immediately due to which the file upload gives error due to unavailability of node.

Auditor Command:

satellite run --database "postgres://postgres:malay@101@localhost:5432/XXXXXXX?sslmode=disable&options=--search_path%3D%22satellite%2F0%22" --metainfo.database-url "postgres://postgres:malay@101@localhost:5432/storx22052024?sslmode=disable&options=--search_path%3D%22satellite%2F0%2Fmeta%22" --orders.encryption-keys 0100000000000000=0100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 auditor

Can anyone provide information on which configuration is responsible for this ?

Iā€™m asking internally to see if anyone can assist.

We need a lot more information to learn what is going on here. Can you share logs from your auditor and storage nodes? You might try --log.level=debug

It is the job of the auditor to suspend unavailable nodes. There is clearly a misconfiguration of some kind if all nodes are immediately suspended, but which misconfiguration is very hard to say from the limited information.