Nodes getting much lover traffic

Hi together,
Since about June I receive a lot less traffic on my two nodes. They are up and running, updated to the lastet version via watchtower smoothly and I have nothing changed on the hardware. Not on the node himself and also not at the connection, firewall or something other.
Is there a way to troublehshoot why it happens?

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Hi Crash,

What you are seeing is simply how the network works. Since bandwidth and storage is used by real world users (and sometimes by Storj running tests on the network), there is no way to predict how much traffic your node will get at any given time. If your node is online and has good audit/online/suspension scores, then everything is working as intended.

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Hi baker,
I have these stats on my two nodes:

Node 1:

Node 2:

Is these okay like this? Or what do you mean exectly with “good audit/online/suspensions socres”?
And I want just to quickly ask. It is only about 20% traffic of which I have at the first half of the year. Since June it goes down…

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Those scores are excellent. An online score of 60% or greater is good. Below 60% and your node will be at risk of suspension. Keep in mind that online scores take up to 30 days to recover to 100% after any downtime. If your audit score goes below 60%, your node will be disqualified. I get concerned if I see my audit score go below 90%. I believe the suspension score threshold is also 60% (someone please correct me if I am wrong), but suspension is temporary if the problem that is causing it is fixed.

With respect to egress traffic, I have also seen a significant reduction compared to earlier in the year and if you look around the forum you will probably see others saying the same thing.