Nodes - Max limit?


Is there any “max limit” to the total amount of nodes i Storj?

My reason for asking:
I’ve been with Storj for 9+ months now (I know this is young nodes), with two nodes and the combined storage capacity of 25,5TB. I can see that number of nodes increase, but I can’t see the traffic increasing… Is it just my nodes or do we have enough nodes for the moment, and do Storj need my nodes? This is only ment as a question, I know Storj can do fine without my nodes :slight_smile:

Hi @Putte, there is no maximum number of nodes mentioned, although maybe a theoretical max based on a database INTEGER limit. At this moment I would agree with your assessment - the increase in node numbers hides the amount of total ingress to the network causing many nodes to not grow.

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If traffic is grow the number of nodes is growing too, and the particular node will not see any increase in traffic - it’s spread across other new nodes.
It’s usual supply and demand game.
To confirm what @Stob said - there is no maximum limit of number of nodes. But your PC will likely exhaust number of free ports.