Nodo offline, noip host expired

I configured a node as indicated in the guide, the noip host almost expired and created another, and now I am offline, how can I fix it?

The forwading test ( was open.

Since it was offline, and the only new thing had been the change of the host, in noip delete the hosts, and create a new one with the same name as the first host. I still appear offline.

With the storajenode.msi uninstall and install the node. Dont work.

The forwading test ( now appear close.


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You can create newer hostname if you want on NO-IP but you have to make sure you keep reactivating it every 30 days. You are sent an email for the same by No-IP which hopefully doesn’t land in spam folder.

Did you update your config.yaml to this?

contact.external-address: your.ddns.address:28967

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Why oh why? If the old one didn’t expire yet, just renew it. There is even a link in the email from no-ip which takes you there. There’s absolutely no need to create a new host every 30 days. It only complicates things.

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I remember configuring the noip host when running the storagenode, but I didn’t know how to configure it now that the host expired.

I just remove the storagenode and reinstall it. But it has not worked.

Could you guide me, so that I don’t have to remove and install the node.

Could you also tell me, if removing and installing the node could deconfigure other settings

You can safely update parameters using this guide.

Also you can try something like which does not require you to keep reactivating your host every 30 days. The process is same as No-IP. Do update this thread if you face any more issue.


my node is online.

I don’t know what I did exactly for it, I’m going to say it anyway.

  1. Removed and installed storagenode,

  2. Open Services and found that “Storj V3 Storage Node” and “Storj V3 Node Updater” were not running, so I selected them and ran them.

Then I went back to localhost, and it was online.

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