Noob Question: How do I upload?

Hello. I’ve been running a storagenode on my NAS at home for the past 2 months. Everything has been going well there, but it dawned on me that I’m not really using Storj to store anything.

I’m struggling to find clear documentation/examples that show how I can upload something to Storj and share the link(?) or hash with someone else for them to download, or for me to retrieve later on.

I currently use rclone to backup/sync my NAS to S3-Glacier every night. How can I switch this to using Storj? Since rclone uses AWS-S3 protocol, I imagine it should be quite simple, but again, no good documentation can be found here.

What CLI tool exists for uploading a single file?

Thanks, and sorry for the n00b questions.

Hi @utdrmac,

No such thing as a n00b question :slight_smile:! You can upload/retrieve files from the network using the Uplink CLI. Documentation for the CLI is located here:

For background, an Uplink is an entry point into the Storj network. It connects to a specific Satellite and caches connections and resources, allowing users to create sessions.

If you are currently using Amazon S3, you can connect directly to Storj through an S3 gateway hosted alongside your application server. This means that switching to the decentralized cloud and reaping the cost, performance and privacy benefits is as easy as changing two lines in your config file! No new code needed! Documentation for the S3 Gateway is located here:


Hello @kleffew94
I don’t have a login to one of the satellite nodes, thus I don’t have an API key to use with Uplink. So, I guess I cannot use Storj to actually store anything until I get an invite? Or is it possible to run my own copy of satellite (to get an API key to use with Uplink) which connects to the rest of the Storj network?

You will need an invite to store data on Tardigrade. If you have signed up for the waitlist, we have begun rolling out invites at a measured pace – leading into production launch. If you are signed up, you should be getting an invite eventually

Once you get onboarded via invite, I would love to hear any feedback around how we can improve the service, documentation, etc.

If you are technical, you can try running a local testnet to get a feel for the programming interface (


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Yes, I signed up several months ago. Still waiting :slight_smile: